Crane Law Group

Trust & Probate Administration

Effective administration is a crucial component of estate and trust planning. Crane Law Group’s sophisticated experience with crafting individualized plans for high net worth individuals and families gives us a solid perspective for administering those estates upon death. Effective estate administration is a function of many factors including federal and state income and estate tax laws as well as any potential international implications of a particular plan’s provisions. Time and again, our Trusts & Estates team have been trusted during emotionally difficult times to ensure the efficient and orderly administration of substantial estates and trusts.

When a person dies, we assist his or her family, beneficiaries, heirs or personal representative (also known as an executor) with probating the will, obtaining letters testamentary and administering the estate. As part of that administration, we can assist in transferring title to real estate, securities and other assets. We also work with trustees to administer trusts. As with the estate planning, the Crane Law Group team works to facilitate family harmony during the probate and administrative phase of the process.

Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution

Litigation sometimes is unavoidable during the emotional events surrounding the administration of an estate. We are sensitive to the many delicate issues often related to trust and estate controversies. Crane Law Group's extensive experience with creating trusts and estates means we are well versed in issues involving estate planning and trust administration, and successfully mediating or litigating those issues. Particularly when controversies arise between family members, sensitivity to familial dynamics is crucial. Providing clients with consistency and continuity to bring estate and trust controversies to successful and amicable conclusions is one of our greatest strengths.