Crane Law Group

Election Law

In the current enforcement environment, corporations, major political donors, lobbyists, and PACs face unprecedented scrutiny of their compliance with campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, and government ethics laws. In addition, there are concerns regarding the interference of voter’s rights.

Companies and individuals turn to the Crane Law Group for its credibility and sophistication in providing compliance advice and for their most sensitive investigation and enforcement matters.

Election and Campaign Financing Law

To help our clients keep out of harm’s way, we provide a range of compliance services, including:

  • Forming political action committees, and advice concerning PAC governance and compliance.
  • Drafting and implementation of organization-wide political law compliance programs and policies.
  • Training for corporate executives and lobbyists on political law compliance.
  • Conducting government affairs compliance audits to identify and resolve existing weaknesses in internal controls and compliance practices related to political fundraising and lobbying.
  • Advising clients on “pay to play” laws for government contractors and the rules governing political contributions by municipal securities dealers and investment advisers.

Advice on federal, state, and local campaign finance laws.

We advise candidates for federal, state, and local office, political party committees, PACs and political organizations, national, state and local political party committees, associations of elected officials, donors, non-profit organizations, corporations, and unions about the rules governing political advocacy, communications and voter contact.

Start-up and on-going advice on the operation of and compliance for federal, state, and local PACs and political organizations.

We have experience advising on compliance with federal, state, and local campaign finance laws, including registration and reporting requirements at the federal and state level for political committees and organizations.

We also handle tax, communications, and advertising law matters, as well as contract and employment matters for political campaigns and organizations.

Representation before campaign finance regulators.

We will represent clients before the Federal Election Commission and state election authorities in enforcement matters, rulemakings, advisory opinion requests, and other matters and proceedings.

Advice on pay-to-play issues for contractors.

We have hands-on experience dealing with the intersection of campaign finance and pay-to-play laws, and assist companies with setting up and operating compliance systems for federal, state, and local contribution bans.

Advice and representation on recounts, ballot access, candidate qualifications, and voting rights.

Our team also have extensive experience in voting rights and election administration matters, and handle recounts, election contests, and redistricting cases. We advise candidates and ballot measure committees on ballot access requirements and defend clients in qualification challenges. We advise candidate and non-profit clients on state-by-state election rules and regulations, and play a leading role in the design and implementation of voter protection operations.