Crane Law Group

Estate Planning

Crane Law Group represents private clients, including successful entrepreneurs, senior executives and families. We help our clients to realize their estate planning and philanthropic goals by advising them in the creation and administration of trusts, estates and charitable foundations. Our discretion and good judgment have earned us the trust of our clients.

Among the various services we provide for clients are:

  • preparation of wills and trust instruments;
  • advice on estate, gift and income tax consequences of a client’s estate plan;
  • fulfillment of a wide range of trustee and executor’s duties, including serving as a trustee and executor and providing trust and estate administration services;
  • structuring of family‑owned businesses to achieve appropriate succession plans; and
  • providing estate planning advice in connection with merger and acquisition transactions and other corporate restructurings.

Maintaining, maximizing and transferring wealth and exploiting opportunities, while minimizing complications, is one of the strengths of our estate planning practice. Our advice reaches beyond just minimizing taxes but ensuring practical and effective solutions to complex issues while maintaining flexibility to accommodate unforeseen events and family situations. Crane Law Group offers a world class range of tax, estate, business planning and charitable advisory services to individual clients, family groups, fiduciaries, and charitable organizations. We practice offers extensive services in the following areas:

Tax considerations are of paramount concern when addressing issues of estate planning. It is vital that business owners and executives who have accumulated significant wealth properly plan for the distribution of assets to future generations to minimize the tax implications and maximize the benefit for family members. Crane Law Group offers sophisticated planning advice to address these concerns and ensure effective succession, distribution and tax minimization plans. We have advised numerous high net worth families on how to efficiently transition their assets and helped clients effectively manage the tax consequences of their desires for future generations.