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Crane Solutions (Crane), a wholly owned subsidiary of Crane Law Group, is a trusted adviser when business, law, government, and policy intersect. We bring acumen—and decision-making and judgment—to both business opportunities and the resolution of challenging controversies. In critical business situations, our work often means the difference between success and failure. The group helps companies address issues from a 360° vantage point, integrating business and legal strategy to address the concerns of our clients.

Crane Solutions takes a personal approach to thought-partnering with our clients. This approach facilitates the creation of strategic alliances with other professionals across a variety of disciplines that allow us to assist our clients with strategic planning, human resources, diversity & inclusion training, and dispute resolution needs.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Human Capital Services
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Cuba Consulting Services
  • Sports & Entertainment Advisory Services

Human Capital Services

With its Human Capital Services (HCS) practice, Crane HCS boasts an experienced team who advise on employment law, compensation, organization and planning for companies.

Unlike traditional HR consulting services, Crane HCS provides and integral service that not only deals with the strategic and design implications, but also includes HR-specific tax and legal advice for companies.

The Crane HCS team advises employers on how to develop policies and structure transactions in compliance with the increasing number of employment laws and regulations. Our team drafts and reviews employee handbooks and take a proactive approach by conducting client training programs and helping company managers, human resource professionals and in-house counsel to avoid disputes before they arise. In addition, Crane HCS advises companies and compensation committees on the process of bringing their compensation policies into line with the new legislation in this area.

Business Consulting Services

Crane Solution is a consulting firm that specializes in offering business clients access to a team of experts who can engage in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to meeting current and long-term planning needs. We also have a niche practice area through which we help individual and corporate clients design charitable giving strategies. Our business consulting services include:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Business creation, planning and asset protection
  • Partnerships
  • Contract negotiations
  • Strategic business planning
  • Intellectual property
  • Public relations
  • Business succession planning
  • Key man insurance/Buy sell arrangements
  • Wealth protection for business owners

Cuba Consulting Services

We will help your company assess and develop its potential for opportunity in Cuba. At Crane Solutions, we have carefully and strategically built a knowledge base about Cuba's past, present and plans for the future. We understand applicable Cuban laws, including its new Foreign Investment Act.

Since 2001, we have honed strategic relationships throughout Cuba, uniquely positioning Crane Solutions to help our clients develop professional and market research.

​During the same timeframe, we also carefully and strategically built a knowledge base about United States regulations governing the relationships between U.S. citizens and and the Republic of Cuba.

Crane Solutions is tracking the trends and the current policies toward trade with Cuba to ensure the successful evolution of our strategy and recommendations. We can help your organization gain access to opportunities in Cuba. Learn more at Crane Cuba Consulting.

Sports & Entertainment Advisory Services

Crane Solutions Sports & Entertainment is a service line offering specialized and bespoke sports and entertainment advisory services drawing on in-depth industry expertise.

Crane Solutions Sports & Entertainment aims to offer services of the very highest added value to professional sports athletes, artists, agents and the various institutions operating in the worlds of sport and entertainment, capitalizing on Crane Law Group’s sound business approach and multidisciplinary structure.

We also advise movie and television producers:

  • Trademark protection, production and distribution agreements, merchandising agreements and image rights.

Primary Contact

Linda R. Crane