Crane Law Group

Asset Protection Planning

In today’s litigious world, more and more people are concerned about risks from potential lawsuits and as a result, asset protection planning has become a crucial component of estate planning for certain clients. Those in high risk professions—including corporate officers, athletes, actors, physicians and lawyers—as well as those generally concerned with potential claims and lawsuits resulting from divorce, ex-employees, accidents and rising health care costs, look to Crane Law Group for sound advice regarding the protection of their assets. With the tremendous amount of wealth that is expected to be transferred from older to younger generations in the near future, many combine a concern for protecting assets with an interest in estate planning.

Crane Law Group provides advice on how best to protect property from future claims and minimize exposure to potential lawsuits and adverse judgments. Our team is here for you, from the initial stages of consultation to the implementation of your chosen asset protection plans.

We understand that not every technique is suited for everyone, so we help you understand the particular risks and exposure that apply to your specific circumstances. We assist you in weighing the steps you can take to minimize your risks so you can develop a solid, effective asset protection plan.